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Landlord reviews

4 BED HOUSE, Redecorated throughout, Large lounge with gas fire, Large dining room. Great property.

8 BED HOUSE SHARE, perfect for my current situation,house was huge and well maintained and landlord was quick with repairs or problems

2 BED HOUSE BLACKBURN left without heating for 2 weeks over christmas, leaks in kitchen and bedroom DAMP EVERYWHERE!!

2 BED HOUSE, kitchen extension, full double glazing and full central heating, rented from sue for 11 years, beautiful house.. Perfect landlord!

3 BED FLAT, newly built and no problems apart from water having no pressure for 6 days due to works still going on while the other sites are built

Tenant reviews

I've rented at this property for over 3 years. It's close to the shops and the local school is just across the road.

I've only been renting for three months, but the property was clean and had all the amenities I needed. Dave the landlord is very helpful.

PRESTON AREA known for trashing anything she can get her hands on! left two skips of rubbish, broken kitchen doors, sink off wall, nappies everywhere!

Never had a problem from sophie upto date with rent and always on time. house kept clean and tidy and perfect way in showing her reference off online

shouldn't be allowed animals never mind a house!

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