moving house is stressful! here’s a few tips to you through the process.

So you’ve completed and everythings going ahead on your new home and can’t wait to move. You’ve even started thinking about how to make it more your own style. There’s one thing you might have forgotten, though: you’ve got to move out of your home first. Between packing your things and preparing for your first night in a new home, moving house can seem overwhelming. However, moving from one property to another doesn’t have to be stressful. Have a quick read of our tips to remove the stress from your moving experience.

# Stay organised

As with any task of this size, staying organised is the absolute key. Pack by room and decide when and how you will organise your things. Once you’ve assigned items to labelled boxes, consider the moving vehicle. How will the boxes go inside? Will you need to take multiple trips? Once you’ve worked these things out, you’ll have a plan for your moving day which should give you peace of mind.

# getting it done early

There’s nothing worse than having a moving van booked and realising that you’ll need to pack all night to be ready. Start packing as soon as you can.  

# Take your time

When you’re moving house, be sure to allot more time than you actually need going back to tip # above. Feeling rushed will make your stress levels skyrocket, so being slow and methodical is the best way to combat moving worry. Extra time allows you to be more careful when you’re packing and unpacking.

# You have got to be flexible

There are sure to be bumps in the road when you’re moving house, so remind yourself to stay flexible. Having a plan is a great way to stay organised, but don’t be afraid to deviate from it when circumstances require just incase something else pops up.

# The good old backup plan

When you’re planning your move, it might be a good idea to take a small amount of time to think about the things that could go wrong, jot them down and have a think of ways to overcome or resolve if happens.

#  ask for help

Moving house is a huge task, and it becomes even bigger when you have to do it all yourself. Ask for help from your friends and family (most of them will be willing to lend a hand for a takeaway or nice cold one) to take the pressure off. You’ll be finished much faster, and the more people that are involved, the easier moving to your new home will be.

# Say goodbye

Have a party a quick send off and invite your friends to say goodbye to your old home in style ( everyone loves a party).

# Its done

put your feet up have a takeaway chill out its your first night ( because the next day youve got alot of unpacking to do haha)

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