• deb posted a review on Hayley Brown 1 year, 10 months ago

    Hayley lived at my property for 5 years. She was a model tenant for 3 years then everything went downhill. She started to go into arrears, there were plausible excuses, one after another after another and so on. Eventually I had had enough and served a section 21. When I finally got the keys back (from next door. She did not turn up for check out but after me trying to ring her 3 times she sent a text saying keys next door) I entered the house to find a total mess.1. The carpets had been removed. 2 There were holes in the walls. 3. There was 2 x skips full of rubbish inside and out. 4. The whole house was dirty, the oven was thick with old food and grease. The oven door was broken. 5.The dishwasher had been destroyed. 6. A tap had been leaking for a long time and the cupboard underneath was rotten. Every room had condensation mould growing. 7. The gas and electric meters were in debt. 8. She left owing over £2,500 in rent and other fees. I tried to recover the rent through court and the decision was in my favour, she was ordered to pay. This did not happen. When the baliffs went round to her new property she claimed she was a vulnerable person!!!!!! This property had been completely renovated and was in brand new condition when she moved in. She wrecked it.