• deb posted a review on Nicky Carter 1 year, 10 months ago

    Nicky lived with her mother at my property for 18 months, they went into arrears, and at one point had 4 dogs living (without permission) in the house. section 21 served. She abandoned the property with her mother still in situ!! After helping her mother find a council property I got the keys back (from uncle) this property had been newly carpeted and decorated throughout before they moved in. The carpets were full of fleas and were so dirty that an industrial cleaner could not get them clean. The cooker looked like it had never been cleaned. All the plaster had been removed from the walls under the stairs. A few of the kitchen unit doors were broken. The kitchen flooring had been chewed into pieces. There was rubbish left inside and out as well as a couple of old wardrobes and a full suite in the back garden (soaking wet) There was debt on both gas and electric meters. All light bulbs had been taken. There was condensation mould in 4 rooms.