What would happen if children were in charge of designing our homes? I’m pretty sure there would a petting zoo in there somewhere and walls made out of chocolate!

n a video, Strata asked pupils at Shobnall Primary School in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire: “If you could live in a super cool house, what would it be like?

Here are some of pupils replies:

I would have a slide. I wouldn’t have a bed. My bed would be a swimming pool.”

For my kitchen, I would have a pizzeria and a McDonald’s.

Cruz, 6, who wanted a home constructed with metal so it ‘can’t break’, said he also wanted a dozen toilets – “so I don’t have to wait in the queue”.

Another youngster said he wanted a dinosaur “to scare all the baddies”.

“forget a nice set of pans”

Forget a nice set of pans – if kids dreams of a perfect home came true, traditional kitchens would be replaced with a sweet shop and a fully functional ice cream parlour, a survey has found.In fact, 60% of youngsters aged between three and 11 would want unlimited access to sugary treats, according to a nationwide survey of over 2,000 children by Censuswide, on behalf of home builder Strata. They got some surprising – and not so surprising – responses when children were asked to let their imagination run wild and describe their perfect home.One in four want a water park in their garden, while a similar number wish for a zoo filled with animals from the zoo .

Top 10 dream home features for kids:

NO homework zones cuddly puppies in each room
Water slide staircase so you never have to walk Trampoline floors to bounce room-to-room
Dinosaur park Petting zoo
House robot Shark/piranha tank
Chocolate walls loads of toilets so no one has to queue